H.T. High Technology: the first Italian Winner at the 2012 SAP Field Kick-Off meeting for Best Performance Challenge

H.T. High Technology has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Italian company to be awarded the prestigious Best Performance Challenge for SAP Partners at the 2012 SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM). This recognition marks a remarkable achievement in our company’s history and underscores its outstanding performance and contributions to the SAP ecosystem.

The Best Performance Challenge is a highly competitive initiative that evaluates SAP partners based on their ability to deliver exceptional value, innovative solutions and superior customer service. Winning this award in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) testifies to H.T. High Technology‘s leadership and excellence in implementing SAP solutions.

During the 2012 FKOM event, which brings together SAP’s global partners and field teams, H.T. High Technology was celebrated for its strategic vision, operational efficiency and dedication to driving customer success. This award reflects the company’s commitment to leveraging SAP’s cutting-edge technologies to enhance business processes and achieve transformative results for its clients.

H.T. High Technology: e reference point for other SAP partners in Italy

As the first Italian company to receive this honor, H.T. High Technology sets a new benchmark for other SAP partners in Italy and the broader EMEA region as it showcases our expertise in the SAP landscape and our role as a trusted partner, capable of delivering high-impact solutions in an increasingly competitive market.

The 2012 SAP Field Kick-Off Meeting served as a platform for H.T. High Technology to showcase its achievements and network with other industry leaders, further solidifying its position as a key player in the SAP partner community. Moving forward, we aim to build on this success, further expanding our skills and delivering even greater value to our clients.

As a team, we are immensely proud to be recognized as the First Italian Winner of the Best Performance Challenge for SAP Partners in 2012. This award is a testament to our team’s hard work, dedication and innovative drive. Strengthened by this new milestone, we will continue our path toward excellence and accompany our clients in the success of their businesses.

Written by: HT editorial team
23 August 2022
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