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Consulenza Change Management

Change Management
We analyse the transition and support the companies in the process of introducing a new ERP system

Change and adaptation to new technologies

It is fundamental to dominate the market

Proper managed transformation brings actual competitive advantages, greater stability and new business opportunities.

Soluzioni verticali sviluppate su SAP S/4HANA

Operational tools to face better the change

Solutions developed with business models based on SAP S/4 HANA

Our solutions offer operational tools integrated in SAP S/4 HANA platform that allow personalized user experiences, optimized production and organizational processes, reliable predictive analysis and real-time responses

Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Manage the serialization and tracking of the data with an integrated filling system

Our solution based on SAP ATTP is fully integrated and allows the management of serialization and the data tracking, during the entire

Servizi per ERP SAP

Application Management Service

Simple qualified and fast support

Supporto completo per la gestione continuativa ed evolutiva dei tuoi progetti SAP

Complete support for the continuous and evolutionary management of your SAP projects Not only assistance and maintenance but also a useful support to increase your governance skills and the level of knowledge of the SAP systems implemented

Servizi evolutivi per sistemi SAP

SAP upgrade services:
new functions, new transactions and upgrades release

Sap systems always aligned to business needs .

to enjoy all the benefits of the sap systems you have to be able to grow them with your own business

We offer all services to keep your sap system up-to-date.

APP e soluzioni per la mobility aziendale

Mobile solutions:
the innovation consists in the availability of the data in real time towards all the business segments

We have developed APP and FLEX solutions

helping simplification and speed up processes in all business departments.

Global vision of processes and direct control over the company’s growth driver

Creazione, Ottimizzazione e Implementazione  Progetti SAP

SAP consulting services:
we analyse, build, develop and improve

Simplify your business

make possible digital transformation

Our experience in SAP projects is the best to support your company in the digital transformation

Soluzioni Cloud per le aziende

Cloud Platform
We’ll take care of the hardware infrastructure

The right speed of Innovation for you company

We offer our customers a Data Center suitable for all needs. Simple, reliable and customizable service that allows to increase the company’s agility by speeding up the implementation and new processes

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

HT solutions for the analysis of your company’s performances

Our solutions for Analytics are suitable for providing to all business managers monitoring the right data synthesis and KPI for better process performances

Rivendita e manutenzione servizi SAP

SAP reseller and support provider with the best experience.
Experts, reliable, certified

Our experience, certified SAP at your disposal

We can help you in purchasing, creating, implementing, servicing, supporting and deploying the best SAP solution for your needs


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