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Successful innovation must move at the right speedwith our Data Centreyou have at your disposal a set of modular IT resources that are progressively adapted to your needs.   Thanks to the cloud solutions from H.T. High Technology, you will optimise your resources by eliminating inefficiencies through customised configurations and the absence of hardware and fixed costs. In addition, our modular, flexible and adaptable system will always be updated to the latest release, will therefore never be obsolete, and can offer you more performance, stability and security.    Our cloud proposal includes comprehensive functionality for developing and building innovative applications in a timely manner, extending existing applications and implementing specific business processes. Thanks to in-memory technology from SAP we can offer maximum versatility, and facilitate secure business applications for the implementation of a true Digital Transformation in timeframes of weeks instead of years.   The advantages are manifold, ranging from speed of implementation to the integration modularto the robustness.

The Cloud of H.T. High Technology:
many advantages and opportunities in one service

a complete environment for the development of customised apps that accelerate business processes.
User Experience:
a user experience tailored to users’ habits and roles and optimised for different devices.
services that enable team working between several business areas through the sharing and organisation of useful information.
unlimited integration possibilities between applications in hybrid, local and cloud environments.
a complete portfolio of analytical solutions built for the cloud: • Business Intelligence • Big Data Analysis • SaaS (Software as a Service) software analysis
tightly integrated corporate security services to protect business activities from cyber threats.

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