Over 35 years of experience in Innovation

H.T. High Technology was founded in January 1986 in Milan and is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit and the intuition of Vittorio Soldavini. Long-standing experience in Hewlett-Packard, in particular on a management solution designed in an ERPlogic, enabled Vittorio to realise that the integrated software offered on the market up to that time was only partially able to meet the needs of companies and to understand the incredible potential of the development of management systems. Since its foundation, the objective of H.T. High Technology has been to offertechnological innovationby offering companies advanced solutions for managing their businesses. The approach proves successful and among the first customers to believe in H.T. High Technology include several chemical and petrochemical companies of national and international standing such as, for example, Edison S.p.A.

AIMS: the first proprietary management system and the beginning of great collaboration

AIMS (acronym for Advanced Integrated Management System) is the first proprietary branded management system H.T. High Technology for business flow management, launched on the market in the late 1980s. Developed by Vittorio Soldavini and Giovanni Comiis still used today by some companies thanks to its characteristics of reliability and versatility.

Designed at first with a specific focus on plant maintenance management, particularly for petrochemical companies, AIMS is transformed over time into an all-round management system for the complete management of production facilities operating in various sectors.

H.T. High Technology’sreputation grew with the company, which, from 1989 to 1991, was commissioned to develop the information system for Edison and “outranked” seven other much larger competitors. The relationship of trust developed with Edison is the result of a philosophy based on intuition, versatility and technological innovation applied to the simplification of business flows and processes.

For H.T. High Technologythe key to success has always been change understood as the ability and willingness to continuously innovate through systematic investment in talent and prestigious partnerships, with IBM and, subsequently, with SAP.

The transition to SAP and
H.T. High Technology’s further evolution

Soldavini’s intuition to switch to SAP, soon becoming its Gold Partner, proved to be a winner: in the early 2000s, H.T. High Technology had already sensed the potential of a solution that goes far beyond a standard management software and that, in a short time, reaches a position of global leadership.

Today, H.T. High Technology is considered a leading company in offering vertical solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic and Coatings sectors and is a reliable partner in the Manufacturing, Food and other industrial sectors with a constant increase in turnover and employees. 

The company’s new headquarters in Rome and the widespread network of commercial partners and loyal collaborators allow H.T. High Technology to oversee the entire national territory and also manage international projects, offering answers to the most complex requirements of multinational companies and SMEs.

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