IBM Digital Live Talk hosts H.T. High Technology

SAP in the IBM Cloud: what are the benefits?


On Friday 8 June 2018, we will be guests at the LiveTalk organised by IBM on the benefits of the platform SAP hosted on IBM CLOUD. 

With our experience developed on specific solutions for thechemical and pharmaceutical industry, we will share a SAP S/4HANA solution based on IBM Cloud and  industry Best Practices.

This solution includes the management of the entire production cycle (production progress control and maintenance management) integrated with quality control (Electronic Batch Record).

H.T. High Technology will share our customer SIFI’s Success Story on how the implementation of this solution optimised the company’s business.

Silvio Furione (IBM) and Paolo Frigerio (H.T. High Technology) will speak.


Registration is required to participate in this event. Fill in the form available by clicking here and you will be registered for the event

Written by: HT editorial team
24 August 2022
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IBM Digital Live Talk hosts H.T. High Technology

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