The Supply Chain Solution

HT SMART RFID is the solution designed by H.T. High Technology to ensure innovative management of business Supply Chains: Agilethrough process optimisation, efficientwith the automation of operations ensured by RFID technology, connected and integrated with the systems.   Developed on SAP S/4HANA platformHT SMART RFID monitors and tracks the production chain by easily and efficiently transmitting logistical information to the systems in use. The integration of RFID technology with the SAP platform allows the complete management of product traceability and real-time control of production trends. HT SMART RFID is a modular solution with selective access to all information at any given time: the workflow is thus optimised and data exchange is guaranteed even with mobile devices.
Which business processes does HT SMART RFID control?
Warehouse control Location management Goods handling Mobile management Logistics transactions Performance control

Supply chain management becomes simple, innovative, intelligent.

SAP GOLD trasparente

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