The solution for the wholesale trade

HT 4-WHOLESALES is the innovative solution that H.T. High Technology designed for thewholesale trade sector. Based on SAP platform, HT 4-WHOLESALES enables integrated and centralised management on a single platform, offering a clearer overview of all aspects of the company: customers, suppliers, workforce and internal processes are constantly and precisely monitored. In this way, you identify the Hidden ROI while offering meaningful experiences to your customers.
What are the advantages of HT 4-WHOLESALES?
It improves and simplifies demand and forecast management by facilitating planning also with a view to stock optimisation. The system integrates downstream with suppliers and upstream with customers, generating value along the entire supply chain. All tasks can be performed on the move or automated through Robot Process Automation tools while Business Intelligence provides the relevant information to guide market strategies.

Achieve true operational excellence by exploiting the potential of more integrated and flexible processes!

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