Paper-free process-oriented digital experience

The dematerialisation is one of the levers for the digitalisation of business processes. In this context, enabling and reviewing processes in paperless perspective allows not only to improve their efficiencybut also enable further benefits such as the availability of information and monitoring efficient and complete monitoring of activities. HT SMART CHECKLIST is the solution designed by H.T. High Technology to support internal/external control processes involving specific checklists. The areas in which it applies are those of Logistics, Quality, Maintenance and Production.
What are the benefits of HT SMART CHECKLIST?
Digital Experience, thanks to the digital management of articulated and complex information Document process overtaken by full digitisation Real-time monitoring of process steps Optimised user experience, thanks to multi-device interaction and configurable management according to process and role

Discover a winning solution Logistics, Quality, Maintenance and Production!

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