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Roll In/Out: the importance of method and experience

Install SAP with a roll in/out project but without a solid implementation methodology is a risky operation for the company, which is why the experts at H.T. High Technology have developed a precise techniquethat supports companies in their transition to the new system.

Definition of IT and organisational architecture:

identification of the machine structure, system management and workspace sharing rules, customisation settings and reference organisational structures.

Definition of project methodology:

identification of how to collaborate with the parent company's implementation team and the level of autonomy recognised locally.

Identification of project objectives:

in accordance with the needs of the local company and within the constraints of the technical and functional infrastructure adopted.

Gap analysis compared to the parent company:

implementation of the SAP system and integration with existing local systems through the analysis of data migration and the implementation of the relevant programmes to feed the new information system.

Start-up, training, assistance and support:

training of key users and users aimed at developing their operational skills on the new system to exploit its real potential. Constant support to respond immediately to needs and problems during the Go-Live phase, followed by assistance in production to offer optimal support to users.

ERP optimisation: minimising downtime

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its team, H.T. High Technology supports the company in its transition process maximising the functionality of current systems. In this way, interruptions to the company’s core business are reduced to a minimum and business continuity is ensured.

SAP Upgrade: Maximising Performance

Upgrading installed SAP systems retains the value of the installed investment over the years: upgrading should therefore be considered not only an important technological opportunity, but also a concrete business advantage.   H.T. High Technology helps you implement developments and new functionalities that SAP makes available with new versions, to make your business processes even simpler and more efficient.  
  • Verification of requirementsthrough analysis and evaluation of the systems’ initial state.
  • Definition of project phasesstarting with the results of the preliminary analysis, we define in detail the steps that characterise the project and work plan.
  • Implementationproject implementation in accordance with SAP’s standard procedures, which ensure transparency and minimise the implementation risk of released enhancement packages.

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