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What are COOKIES?

They are little text file sent from a website to the visitor of the same and then resent to the site in order to be read by the server which collect some information about the use made by the visitor of a given site (which and how many pages he visited, how many times he spent on the website, from which channel he reached the website, etc.).

These information are generic and cannot associate to identified or identifiable people, and they are memorized on the hard disk (or on the memory unit) of the device which you are using for visit the website. There are many kinds of cookies: some make the use of a site more effective; others enable certain features. In general, the cookies allow to:

  • Memorize preferences
  • Avoid to re insert the same information more times during the visit (for example login data to a reserved area)
  • Analyse the use made by the user of services and of the website contents.
  • Visualize contents of third-party as maps or videos.
  • Permit the sharing of contents on Social Network.
  • To serve marketing advertising personalized for the user.

How are classified the Cookies?

The cookies can be classified in different ways:

  • Basing on the website which generate them (First or Third part Cookies)
  • Basing on their duration (Temporary or Persistent Cookies)
  • Basing on their purpose of use (Technical, Analytic, third part services analytic, for integrate product and third-party software function, for profiling)

The most important classification is the PURPOSE OF USE to which the enforced norm takes in major consideration.

Cookies used by H.T. High Technology S.r.l.

As follow the different kind of Cookie used by H.T. High Technology S.r.l depending on the purposes of use:

Technical Cookie. This kind of cookies allow the right functionality of some website sections, they are generated by the website that you are visiting and only this website can read this Cookies. They are divided into 2 categories basing on their duration:

  • Temporary (or of session): they don’t have an expiry date and they are removed at the end of the session or when the browser is closed.
  • Persistent: they have a predefined expiry date and they remain on the user pc also after the end of the session or after the closing of the browser; in this way they can be read by the site visited the next time.

These Cookies are necessary for visualize correctly the site and they will be always used and sent, unless the user changes his browser settings (with the risk of blocking some features of the site).

Analytics Cookies. The cookies of this category are used in order to collect information about the website use, made by the user. H.T. High Technology S.r.l. will use this information during statistical analysis with the aim of improve the use and the contents of the website. The analytics cookies are sent by the same website.

Third part services analytic Cookie. These cookies are used in order to collect information about the website use, made by the user in anonymous form, which: visited pages, time spent on the website, geographical origin, age, gender and interests with the aim of marketing campaign. These cookies are sent by third-party domine external to the website.

Cookies for integrate product and third-party software function. This kind of cookies integrate functionalities developed by third-party within the website pages (for example maps, videos, etc..). These cookies are sent by third-party domains. When you visit a page on our website, you could find contents insert by external website (Youtube, etc..), this website could generate some cookies. Our website doesn’t have control on them. If you desire to have major information about their cookies, we ask you to check.

H.T. High Technology S.r.l., according to the current legislation, it is not required to seek the consent of the user for the installation of technical cookies, as necessary for the normal operation of the Site.

The user can express the consensus for other kind of cookies with one of the following modalities:

  • Through specific browser configuration or the relatives programs utilized for the website navigation.
  • Through the modify of use of third-party services settings.

Both of these solutions may prevent you from using or viewing parts of the Site.

How disable cookies through own browser

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Website and third-party Cookies

Our website could contain links to other websites which dispose of their specific cookie’s information that could be different from the policy adopted by our website. We are not responsible for this, and we invite you to read up on these sites.

Google Analytics

Our website includes components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. Also in this case, these are third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of the host site.

The user can disable in a selective way the actions of Google Analytics installing on own browser the component of opt-out gave by Google.

In ecery moment you can refuse and/or block the cookies thanks to your browser settings, although this may make it impossible to use certain functions of the Site.

Visibility of current website page

This page is visible through the link below in each page of the website, pursuant to art. 122 second paragraph of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, and following the simplified procedures for the disclosure and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale n.126 of 3 June 2014 and the relative register of measures n.229 of 8 May 2014.

Changes to the Website and this page

H.T. High Technology S.r.l. reserves the right to change the contents of the Site and this page at any time and without notice. The user agrees to be bound by such possible and future revisions and undertakes, therefore, to periodically visit the Site to be informed about any changes.

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