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HT 4-PHARMA is the solution designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industrybecause it manages and controls the entire drug production and distribution chain, from production cycle screening to warehouse storage. Developed on SAP S/4HANA platform and based on an agile approachHT 4-PHARMA integrates drug serialisation and traceability management into the system and offers comprehensive answers to all business needs, including those related to validation aspects. Thanks to its ability to data analysisHT 4-PHARMA makes it possible to support strategic business decisions by drawing on information of all types and from all sources of interest, organising and visualising it with a simple and intuitive interface.
because it allows business processes to be controlled:
order to cash produce to pay production planning and execution quality assurance, quality control warehouse, lot management and control administration, finance and auditing plant maintenance general processes

Corporate decision-making changes face. Enter the world of digital transformation!

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