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With our SAP project consultancywe help you in your process of Digital Transformation and of simplification of your company’sbusiness. Thanks to the support of the specialists at H.T. High Technologyyou can quickly and easily implement SAP S/4HANA, the suite of in-memory ERP solutions which will be the “digital core” of the entire company. Whether you start from scratch or decide to migrate from an existing infrastructure, we will help you to successfully complete the transition to SAP’s scalable and intelligent platform that helps companies grow: we will guide your company towards a rapid digitisation of key business processes through new digital models and fully automated processes.

APP: we create your company's internal mobility with SAP Fiori

Through a user experience focused on the management needs of the various business functions, the mobile platform SAP Fiori offers new ways of use thanks to the aggregation in a single environment of all the ready-to-go applications applications useful for achieving objectives. We at H.T. High Technology put our expertise and experience at your disposal to implement Apps capable of processing data from SAP ERP systems, and develop end-to-end solutions specifically tailored to your business processes.

SAP Business Intelligence: essential to improve performance and competitiveness

With the SAP Business Intelligence systemsyou have a business data management platform that contributes to the growth of your business. You will have access to specific applications for every managerial need, integrated in a single information and management system that responds promptly and effectively to business expectations and objectives.

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