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Complete support for managing your SAP system

H.T. High Technology offers a qualified and comprehensive support service to ensure the ongoing management of SAP systems. Through its team of professionals, it responds to requests through a structured helpdesk and ensures full functional support, corrective and evolutionary activities, technological and system monitoring to increase system governance capabilities and the level of knowledge of SAP solutions.   HT’s Application & System Management System service provides: • Immediate take-over without service activation costs –• Real-time monitoring of request –• Training days included in the service • Comprehensive international coverage –• Professional support for budget closures • Systems Monitoring • Updating the SAP kernel • Upgrading the SAP versionTroubleshooting for performance or error problems • Application of SAP notes

Our solution:
routine, corrective and evolutionary maintenance and system management

We guarantee clearly defined and structuredSLA (Service Level Agreement) right from the start-up phase. We track every request with trouble ticketing tools and have a team of service managers who ensure constant client alignment and detection of key needs.
Organisational architecture:
  • IT and organisational architecture
  • Identification of machine hardware structure, system management modes
  • Defining the rules for sharing working environments
  • Design of customising settings and organisational structures
Routine maintenance:
  • Constant system monitoring and preventive intervention to avoid system blockages
  • Optimising and maintaining the performance of SAP systems
  • Execution and verification of backups at database and operating system level
Corrective maintenance:
  • Patching of anomalies
  • Support and management of reports
System maintenance:
  • Customer support for new business needs requiring integration with a new supplier
  • Upgrading of SAP application versions (at the customer’s request and provided through a separate project and not included in the standard contract)
Evolutionary maintenance:
  • Development of new functionalities upon customer request
  • Adjustments to civil/tax regulations
  • Development of new required functionalities
  • Proposals for innovative process solutions


PCoE Certificates to guarantee high service levels. The PCoE Certification programme has been set up for SAP VAR (Value Added Reseller) Partners, with the aim of certifying their operational support processes and being able to provide their customers with a high quality service, aimed at ensuring their maximum satisfaction, in line with SAP requirements. The HT Team follows the PCOE certification process characterised by a rigorous set of requirements, deliverables, quality benchmarks, audits, skills and competences of SAP resources. PCOE certification is testament to our commitment to our customers, our adherence to the stringent quality controls established by SAP and our high level of service and support provided.


Insights from our customers “We are looking for professional assistance and support for SAP systems management” A complete and innovative information system is a great added value for companies as long as it is always up-to-date and performs well.

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