The success of “transformation”: the Farmigeacase

FARMIGEA SPA, a leading company in the ophthalmic sector, decided to implement the new Information System with H.T. High Technology to realise their business strategies, simplify processes and operations, optimise flows and processes by exploiting data integration and uniqueness. For the well-established and international organisation of FARMIGEA, where innovation and quality are two of the cornerstones, the HT project leveraged the strong synergy between the implementation of the new SAP S/4HANA system and Change Management. A complex challenge, tackled with a “transformative” project approach based on SAP excellence and articulated along three lines of intervention


  1. New SAP S/4HANA Information System


Support was provided to the organisation in all project phases of change management, through the design and implementation of new operational and control models on specific areas,

such as forecasting, MRP, planning, and procurement optimisation. HT’s Business Consulting team provided organisational, strategic and operational support, assisting the client in all phases of the transition to the new ERP SAP S/4HANA acting as a driver of change in Farmigea’s complex challenge of renewing its information system, optimising processes and organisation and gaining full control of its business.


Starting with an initial diagnosis of the “as is” state, in terms of processes, organisation and tools, and a timely mapping of “to be” processes, HT supported the identification of workloads by intercepting potential areas for improvement to be addressed in a timely manner through periodic monitoring of process performance.


Today, FAMIGEA SPA has implemented its digital transformation and operates with optimised and streamlined processes especially in the areas of Supply Chain & Operations, having a timely costing system, reducing its manual work and having full control over information.

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