Beauty 4.0: Innovation and Business Intelligence: the beauty accelerators of business and production at GOTHA COSMETICS.

When technology meets beautyone no longer speaks of evolution but of revolution and economic data confirm the current scenario: the world cosmetics market has an average annual growth rate of 5.8%. This is why industry players are increasingly actively using technology to improve and personalise sales experiences.

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GOTHA COSMETICS SRL is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics. A partner of the most innovative and fastest growing beauty brands worldwide, it is constantly striving for creativity, high quality and speed to market. Its aim is to be the first choice of beauty operators worldwide in search of revolutionary innovations. Speed to market, excellence in execution, combined with unparalleled innovation and a collaborative team are the connotations that make this company the preferred choice in today’s fast-paced beauty world. The GOTHA company is built around quality, agility and, above all, all-round innovation all-round innovation, which is why, in 2019, it started with H.T. High Technology its digital transformation roadmap to innovate by simplifying.


HT which is the SAP partner that meets the challenges of beauty 4.0 and innovation challenges of cosmetics companies starting from the centrality of data and their reprocessing to guide organisational choices by placing at the centre of innovation digitalised processes integrated with SAP solutions, speeding up information and human-machine interaction.


These three pillars only become successful if the correct communication and/or interactive automatism (between operators, machines, company and suppliers, etc.) has been created, introducing a Change Management which makes processes and organisation optimised, in line with the ERP SYSTEM and allowing a rationalisation of the company’s development priorities and strategic guidelines, integrating all business processes and allowing the customer to have

  • Agile System and Smart working approach thanks to SAP S/4HANA
  • Innovation and Business Intelligence with Hana Technology in Memory Sap Analytic Cloud
  • Process Optimisation & Change Management: 
  • Automation of flows and simplification of processes with the implementation of an intelligent PPM that drives process automation and integration.


The success of the project is that it has generated an innovative, automated company where processes, people and machines interact in real time, guaranteeing the quality of services and products, and where the boundaries between humanity and technology are set to disappear. 

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