For excellent management of the entire supply chain

Supply chain efficiency is an indispensable competitive advantage for the organisation. Current technology makes it possible to improve the quality of logistics and production processes while maintaining total control over the product. HT SMART SUPPLY CHAIN is the integrated IoT solution developed on SAP S/4HANA standards for the management of the entire business supply chain: it increases production and logistics performance, optimises costs and lead times, and offers important competitive leverage to the business. Thanks to strategically placed antennae , it makes the traceability of all products available at all times – from the moment they are put into production through to storage in the warehouse and into sales.
What are the benefits of HT SMART SUPPLY CHAIN?
Automatic tracking of man-hours on individual machining centres Management of stock movements from the first arrival of goods in the warehouse until their sale, with constant updating of average stock trends Real-time reporting of any possible problems in the production process or of product integrity, with precise and timely intervention only when necessary and significant savings in time and resources

Put the Internet of Things at the service of the entire production chain!

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