Pharma 4.0: digital innovation changes the pharmaceutical sector. The SPECIAL PRODUCT’S LINEcase

BIOMEDICA FOSCAMA SPA is an Italian SME active in the production and marketing of pharmaceutical specialities. It produces (also on behalf of third parties) important sterile injectable drugs including the COVID-19 vaccine production line.


SO.SE.PHARM SRL is, on the other hand, a national and international trading and distribution company present on the market with its own medicinal products.


Both companies belong to the FARMACEUTICO FLORIO GROUP and implemented SAP S/4HANA thanks to H.T High Technology, which provided its 30 years of experience, as well as its vertical SAP certified solution HT 4-PHARMA. The third company in the GroupSPECIAL PRODUCT’S LINE SPA which produces, on behalf of third parties, solid and liquid, oral and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms also for major multinationals, will join them.


BIOMEDICA FOSCAMA was the first in the group to equip itself with the SAP S/4HANA, having the need for an innovative tool that could integrate and control, in real time, all business processes using “in-memory” technology, ensuring accuracy, speed, traceability and security in compliance with stringent industry regulations, throughout the supply chain. For the effective introduction of SAP S/4HANA in these typical SME business dynamics, the SAP “Activate” methodology was used which ensured that quality and execution targets were met within the short timeframes set, enabling an Agile system and a Smart Working approach thanks to the technology provided by SAP S/4HANA.


SO.SE.PHARM, the second company in line to be affected by the implementation project, also chose to involve H.T. Business Consulting. High Technology, which, thanks to its considerable experience in business process revision, supported the entire transformation process and ensured the optimisation of the current operating methods as well as the organisational set-up.


The success of these projects has been to make companies even more digitised and fluid in their modus operandi. We started from the desire to innovate to the point of rethinking and simplifying the production process, delivering new digitised services to users and redesigning the business in a logic of change and interaction between man and technology.

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