Intralogistics 4.0: the new digital revolution starts here! The KERAKOLLcase

Starting with intralogistics, putting automation, traceability, efficient internal processes and human-machine interaction at the centre of innovation.

Kerakoll, a leading manufacturer of mortars and adhesives in the building industry, started its digital transformation road map with HT in 2017.
The success of HT’s project and the HTFLEXWM solution has been to generate an innovative logistics hub where processes, machines and people interact in real time, guaranteeing the quality of services and products, putting digitalised processes and human-machine interaction at the centre.
Automation, the speeding up of processes, and human-machine interaction are only successful if the correct communicative and/or interactive automatism has been created.



Digitalised processes and human-machine interaction mixed with SAP solutions with other enabling technologies, usable on different devices, in real time.

From the SAP EWM solution to the HT FLEX EWM solution
Inventory Errors: -25%
• Maximum shipping capacity: +29%
• Average shipping: +15%
• Vehicle loading times: -50%
• Number of trucks per hour: +30%
• Order preparation time: -26%
• Order preparation errors: -52%

“Thanks to SAP EWM and H.T. High Technology, Kerakoll was able to have an automatic and intelligent management of work allocation to operators, providing a live view of warehouse stocks and operator activities. In addition, it made it possible to reorganise the way of working and to standardise it by creating a template that can be replicated in the group’s other logistics HUBs”.

Alessandro Lugli, CIO – Kerakoll

Solutions and services implemented

SAP EWM solution

The use of SAP EWM met the Kerakoll Group’s need to standardise the operating and control methods of the subsidiaries distributed abroad, allowing the immediate definition, in the initial analysis phase, of the Business Models (Templates) needed to optimise and standardise roll-out activities at the various subsidiaries around the world

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