Implementazione Progetti Sap2

SAP Implementation consulting

Enable your Digital Transformation/Journey.


Quickly install and build your SAP S/4HANA, suite of ERP functions running in memory that will play the role of Digital Core of your company

Whether you start from scratch or decide to migrate from an existing infrastructure, we at High Technology can help you to complete with success your move to S/4 HANA

We will guide your company towards a rapid digitization of the main business processes such as supply chain, production, sales and resource management.


We create your company’s internal mobility with Sap Fiori

Through an user experience focused on the management needs of the different company functions, SAP Fiori mobile platform offers new ways of use thanks to the aggregation in a single environment of all the ready-to-go applications useful for achieving the objectives.

We offer all our expertise and experience to implement APP to process data from SAP ERP systems and to develop punctual and precise end-to-end solutions for business processes.

Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence systems improve performance and competitiveness

Choose a business data management platform that feeds your business.

You will have access to specific applications for every managerial request, integrated into a single information and management system, able to respond effectively and promptly to business expectations and objectives.

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