HT è Gold Partner SAP e offre servizi e soluzioni verticali SAP

About HT

In HT, Innovation is Simplification

Gold Partner SAP, HT provides solutions and services for your digital journey and for simplifying your business processes with software implementations based on SAP and on cloud platform

HT was the partner first to offer Change Management services with a dedicated team to ensure the maximum benefit by SAP S/4 HANA implementation

Change Management Ht Mini

Expert in Innovation and in Simplification

Innovation as choice to strengthen the competitiveness of our customer


+ di 30 years of experience in Innovation


+ di 100 expert consultants in SAP projects


+ di 100 active customers all over the world

Our Services

Creazione, Ottimizzazione e Implementazione  Progetti SAP

SAP solution consulting
We Build, Implement and Improve

Simplify your business

make possible you Digital Transformation

We can manage your company in every phase of the digital transformation at all levels, thanks to our expertise.

Consulenza Change Management

Change Management
Analizziamo la transizione e supportiamo le aziende nel percorso di introduzione di un nuovo sistema gestionale

Il cambiamento e l’adattamento alle nuove tecnologie

è fondamentale per dominare il mercato

La trasformazione correttamente gestita porta effettivi vantaggi competitivi, maggiore stabilità e nuove possibilità di business.

Cambiamento a 360°su sistemi informativi, processi, competenze, organizzazione e strategie di business.

Servizi per ERP SAP

Application Management Service

Simple, qualified fast support

Full support to manage your SAP solution along its lifecycle

Together with maintenance services HT can provide the guidelines to increase your control and governance capabilities of your SAP system

Servizi evolutivi per sistemi SAP

SAP upgrade services:
new functions, new transactions and release upgrades

SAP systems always aligned to business needs

To take advantage of all the benefits and benefits of SAP systems you need to grow them with your business.

We offer all the services you need to keep your SAP system up-to-date.

Soluzioni Cloud per le aziende

Cloud Platform
We’ll take care of the hardware infrastructure

The right speed of Innovation for you company

We offer our customers a Data Center suitable for all needs. Simple, reliable and customizable service that allows to increase the company’s agility by speeding up the implementation and new processes

Rivendita e manutenzione servizi SAP

SAP reseller and support provider with the best experience.
Experts, reliable, certified

Our experience, certified SAP at your disposal

We can help you in purchasing, creating, implementing, servicing, supporting and deploying the best SAP solution for your needs.


Experience and certifications


Our Solutions

Change and innovation are drivers to gather business opportunities.



Thanks to SAP solutions, we offer operational tools to better address change.

Our solutions offer operational tools integrated into the SAP S/4 HANA platforms, enabling customized user experiences, optimizing manufacturing and organizational processes, reliable predictive analytics, and real-time responses.

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SAP HT4, soluzioni e servizi integrati nelle piattaforme SAP S/4 HANA

ATTP serialization and traceability


The serialization of pharmaceutical products was introduced to prevent fraud and increase patient safety. Pharma manufacturers need to implement systems that handle correctly serialization. HT is one of the few SAP partners having expertise in this area and offering a solution based on SAP ATTP (Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals). It is a fully integrated system that allows serialization management and data tracking, throughout the whole supply chain.

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Attp Serializzazione E Tracciabilità Farmaco



Mobile is one of the main drivers of the digital transformation companies. In HT High Technology we know that devices alone are not enough, so we offer solutions that, specifically, meet the innovation needs and business changes.

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APP e soluzioni per la mobility aziendale

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

We realize our applications for Business Analytics, starting from the managers, their needs and business unit managers who need monitoring efficiently and in real time the KPI performance, controlling business performances.

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Strumenti per la business analytics

The reliability of strong partnerships



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