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HT “Change forward”: the case Farmigea

Nowadays it is essential to offer clients complete and sector-specific management solutions, leading them towards new managerial models. In the last years, the awareness to correctly and timely direct the adopted process, since the early designing phases, arose. A fundamental element for businesses who want to evolve is the “Change Management”, whether revolutionary or facilitator, it represents the engine of change in any transformation, transferring value to growth, innovation and competitivity of businesses.

HT High High Technology takes advantage of its strong synergy from its business areas Digital Core SAP, Innovation and Business Consulting, supporting clients and favouring their success. Our Business Consulting team provides an organizational, strategic and operative support, being an accelerator of the most important change choices and helping clients in all steps of transition into the new ERP.

Using a structured and shared project approach, in HT we led our client Farmigea Spa in a business transformation process, linked to the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA HT 4-Pharma (our vertical pre-configured solution specific for the pharmaceutical sector, delivered in Cloud ‘Single Tenant’ mode).

Farmigea Spa, an important company, leader in the ophthalmic sector, decided to renew their IT System to better support the realization of business strategies, to simplify operations and processes, to solve limitations present in the former system and to reach a strong data integration. A complex challenge, faced with a “transformative” project approach based on SAP best practices and structured in three main streams, connected one to another: New ERP, Change Management and New Control Model. The last two areas have the double target to both support the organization in all project phases of change management, than to direct tailored initiatives, through the design and the concrete implementation of new operative and control models on specific areas, such as forecast, MRP, planning and procurement optimization.

Starting from an initial diagnosis of the AS IS status, in terms of processes, organization and tools, and from a precise mapping of TO BE processes, HT supported the gaps identification and work load, detecting potential improvements areas to promptly direct to “pre” or “post” implementation phase, even through a periodic monitoring activity of process performance.

Today, after some months from the Go-Live, Farmigea Spa has implemented their digital transformation and now they operate with automatized and efficient processes, especially in the Supply Chain & Operation areas, using now a precise costing system, reducing manual processes and increasing control on information.

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