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Advantages of choosing SAP as ERP

Choosing SAP S/4HANA as ERP means to rely on the quality of the world’s most popular Enterprise-class management system, born to manage the complexity of multinationals and big enterprises of all sectors and to optimize every kind of business. Thanks to the versatility and modularity of SAP and thanks to the pre-configurated solutions developed by H.T. High Technology, SAP S/4HANA is today considered the “intelligent” ERP, ideal for any type of organization, including the small and medium Italian enterprises.

SAP S/4HANA, created to realize the digital transformation of processes, it is composed of a set of core functionalities that cover all the operative processes of the company. These functionalities are constantly enriched, in order to guarantee a product that is always aligned with: customer’s needs, market trends and innovation.

Consequently, enterprises of any dimensions and sector, will have the possibility to choose which functionalities to implement, based on their particular needs, having the possibility to integrate them step by step, depending on their priorities.

An ERP system to improve company efficiency

Managing in a totally integrated way the set of relevant processes of the organization, such as warehouse, accounting, sales, purchase, production, planning and controlling management means to optimize all operations necessary to achieve the main business goals.

The main purpose of an ERP management system is the improvement of efficiency and profitability of the company, optimizing its operative processes through an integrated system that is able to manage, all its internal business activities, facilitating the coordination among different departments and guaranteeing data univocity.

Why companies choose SAP as ERP: the innovation SAP HANA

SAP S/4HANA set its target to give life to Intelligent Enterprises in which internal processes are optimized in order to guarantee a remarkable increase of company’s performances.

SAP users are today more than 200 million, because the solution ensures the satisfaction of needs even very different among them, thanks to the modularity and customizability of systems on each company.

Currently, the new SAP HANA Cloud Services and SAP Cloud Platform allow companies to exploit a very technologic business platform that from only one access point, offers the management of governance, data and security. In addition, regarding the wider Digital Transformation environment, and even Industry 4.0, SAP guarantees the possibility to integrate extremely evolved technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

SAP HANA is the result of a deep work of strategic innovation that has been implemented in a new database on a platform based on the technology “in memory computing”.

Basically, applications process data directly in memory, without saving them into the traditional tables. This can be translated in an exponential increase of processing performances, thanks to the availability of data in real time (the reading speed is in fact thousand times more than the typical speed of a traditional database). It allows to process a huge amount of extra data at the same time, or the exponential reduction of processing time of existed data (for example massive invoicing, period closing or elaboration of complex planning scenarios).

SAP ERP system including HANA takes the name of SAP S/4HANA and it identifies the new generation of SAP ERP for Intelligent Enterprises, thanks to its innovative solutions included in the platform.

The generation of a unique and certain data that is instantly accessible in each single department of the company is the advantage of choosing SAP S/4HANA as ERP, to realize the digital transformation of companies. In addition to the typical versatility, completeness and modularity of SAP, thanks to the innovations, there is the possibility to automize and standardize the processes of the whole company (including also other companies, plants and suppliers) structuring and harmonizing them for a simple coordination and consolidation. All these features, offering users both fixed and mobile devices with the ERP front-end characterized by a modern, intuitive and usable interface.

The automation of operations allows the increase of operative efficiency and profitability, letting the human resources to concentrate towards activities with a higher value added, managing of exceptions and the study of new business innovation strategies.

Speed and interoperability typic of SAP S/4HANA, in addition to the high speed management of a huge amount of data that can come from different information sources, besides the possibility to implement scenarios of predictive analysis (applying analysis algorithms and machine learning), allow to direct operative decisions in a rapid, contextualized and conscious way.

Advantages listed above are only few of the ones guaranteed by the choosing SAP S/4 HANA as ERP.

H.T. High Technology as your business SAP solution

H.T. High Technology is a point of reference in the offer of SAP products, specific for each need, thanks to the perfect synergy between evolved technologies and high-level competences. The company works daily in order to provide complete and innovative solutions, studied to increase the company profitability.

Among the advantages guaranteed by choosing H.T. High Technology as Gold Partner SAP for your ERP solution:

  • More than 30 years of projects experience and more than 100 specialized consultants at your disposition.
  • Change Management skills to manage the transition and to support companies during the introduction of the new management system.
  • Evolved projects that simplify and make easier the digital transformation of the company.
  • Complete support for the constant and evolutive management of SAP projects, including assistance and maintenance but also support in the implementation of a new governance.
  • Solutions, also in Cloud, available to customers in order to increase the scalability and rapidity of the evolution.

Ask H.T. High Technology experts a consultancy to identify the best SAP solution for your business.

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