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Intralogistics 4.0: Kerakoll Digital Revolution

Responding to challenges of industry 4.0 starting from Intralogistics. Kerakoll project developed by HT Team won the 1° prize at SAP QUALITY AWARDS 2019.

On 16Th October 2019 SAP NOW 2019 took place, the annual event that gathered together all SAP partners. This year the focus was on Intelligent Enterprises. The H.T. High Technology team participation was significant for two reasons.

First due to the opportunity to share with the SAP NOW audience the experience of Digital Transformation started by HT in Kerakoll, thanks to the speech “Intralogistics 4.0: the new digital revolution starts here!”.

The second reason concerns the achievement – thanks to the project above - of the 1° prize at the SAP QUALITY AWARDS 2019, category Fast Delivery, for the implementation of SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

The Kerakoll Intralogistics 4.0 Project

Kerakoll is the first company in the world to offer a global solution in materials and services for Green Building, it is also recognized in the construction sector as the leading company in this sector.

H.T. High Technology team’s support, Kerakoll has answered to the challenges of Industry 4.0., starting from Intralogistics, with a mix of specific SAP solutions, enabling technologies and accessible on different devices. Mainly placing automation, traceability, the efficiency of internal processes, and human-machine interaction as the core of the innovation process. In order to stay competitive within a manufacturing contest in perpetual evolution, it is essential to create a correct communicative and/or interactive automatism (among lines, operators, and between machines and operators or companies and suppliers, etc..).

>span class="s2">In 2017, Kerakoll started together with H.T. High Technology team its roadmap of Digital Transformation, beginning from the Polish plant of Rzgow. Started in October 2018, this pilot project ended in March 2019; in the second phase, it will be replicated and adapted to all the other logistic plants of the company.

Kerakoll - Roadmap di Digital Transformation

The realization of Kerakoll’s pilot project has implemented the HT FLEX EWM© solution based on SAP EWM (9.3 version) integrated with other enabling technologies (Google, etc..). The success of the solution has been to generate an innovative logistics hub where processes, machines, and people interact in real-time, ensuring the quality of the services and products.


Intralogistics 4.0: Functionalities of HT FLEX EWM© solution developed for Kerakoll



Advanced Yard Management : automated management of inbound and outbound flows of vehicles for loading and unloading goods, with automatic doors assignment based on the characteristics of the transport (as carrier code or loading weight).


Monitor with voice call for drivers based on Google Speech.


Integration with Weighing Solution for automated check of the truck during check out, to minimize loading errors.


Gestione automatizzata della preparazione delle merce da evadere, attraverso il POSC.


Automated management of preparation of goods issue based on POSC Process Oriented Process Control.


Loading Mission Manager per assegnazione automatica della miglior risorsa disponibile per il carico del mezzo.


Ottimizzazione e semplificazione dei cruscotti disponibili per il Warehouse Manager.


Intensive Warehouse Picking: assegnazione automatica delle missioni di magazzino alle risorse disponibili in funzione delle loro qualifiche (no more paper).


UI semplificata ed adattata a differenti device (Thor e Zebra).

Nell’era della Trasformazione Digitale, evolvere verso un modello di Impresa Intelligente che utilizza le nuove tecnologie diventa fondamentale per competere nei mercati odierni.

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