Intelligenza Artificiale Migliora Produttivita Aziendale
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How artificial intelligence improve the company’s productivity

Artificial intelligence is becoming a reality in companies and industries. The companies that integrate this technology in their daily operative activities are more and more. Artificial intelligence is the automation and integration between field systems, machines and operative and management flows and it goes beyond the use of robots to perform actions in place of human personnel. Its applications and declinations are much more transversal and diversified.

Artificial intelligence must be interwoven as a technological area for programming and designing solutions (both hardware and software) that ensure information and management systems to be equipped with specific features.

Their peculiarity is that some of these distinctive features are human prerogative: The “intelligent” machines and systems will be able to present visual, space-time and even decision-making perceptions.

In practical terms, artificial intelligence applied to companies must be understood as recognition capacity, analysis and processing of numerical data and events, and also of social “intelligence”, spatial or even introspective. What benefit can have an organization that integrates this technology within its own enterprise?

Artificial and personal intelligence: a virtuos combination

When artificial intelligence works in synergy with human, it has a positive influence on company productivity. It should be considered as an advanced way of increasing productivity by providing collaboration and assistance (but also executive precision, automation and predictiveness) to business personnel in the performance of a wide range of tasks. This can relieve staff from repetitive task, offering time to dedicate to other actions more advantageous to the enterprise, or to automate complex processes, reducing error possibility and increasing information analysis capacity. Artificial intelligence improves company productivity because breaks up articulated actions in simpler and more automated processes, based on fast aggregations of a large amount of data and their analysis.

Why data analysis is fundamental for a company success

Data analysis is one of the determining factors for the success of company organization. Thanks to use of digital systems into the companies, the amount of information generated daily is very impressive, very complex and expensive to analyse by staff. At the same time, it is also fundamental for all decisional and strategical processes.

In this context, artificial intelligence is an exceptional partner because it analyses data and it is able to learn from them. It acts, in particular, to the benefit of company productivity on three levels:

  1. Through the understanding of the collected data, it improves the unification and the ordering based on specific business requirements
  2. Thanks to return of data in real time, it allows the extrapolation of the necessary information to increase sales.
  3. 3. It is able to offer different results based on business context in which it operates, understanding logics and promoting profitability

Artificial intelligence within the company: an advantage for clients

Artificial intelligence improves company productivity actively acting on different areas and organization contexts and providing value to end customer and his relationship with company.

This technology, when applied to Customer Care, allows to store, analyse and manage an incredible amount of consumer behaviour (both acquired and potential) information, offering virtually endless strategic business development possibilities.

From the sensitive elimination of errors in customer service to predictive analysis and customization, artificial intelligence can be integrated into the company in order to create experiences for its customers. The goal is to offer accurate business proposals, based on actual request or user needs, punctual and increasingly personalized.

It is correct to define artificial intelligence as a technology able to build a customized “world” of each customer that generates value for company, because offers the opportunity to treat each user with the attention and consideration they deserve.

HT BI-BOT: Management chats and dialogue with Business Intelligence

In artificial intelligence environment, H.T. High Technology developed HT BI-BOT, the digital assistance that analyse and manage, quickly and effectively, Business Intelligence data, through voice commands addressed to the virtual assistant or requests typed in chat.

The principal HT BI-BOT advantage is the simplification of decision-making processes, thanks to the ability to extract data analysis from the Business Intelligence interface in a fast, punctual and easy way. All this without the need to build custom dashboards.

HT BI-BOT, in a few seconds, provides graphs and tables desired and displays them on the chat following the request of the user without having to search for them among the saved dashboards on the platform. HT BI-BOT improves business strategies and is an indispensable tool for decision-making process and company’s management , thanks to the synergy between artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The organizations that are undertaking the essential digital transformation process find in HT BI-BOT a valuable ally to strengthen their Business Intelligence, thanks to its ability to provide answers, assistance and support in human-machine interaction. if you want to learn more ask for advice now to H.T. High Technology experts.

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